The Communication Hub

The Communication Hub provides information for people with communication difficulties, their communication partners, and the wider community on a range of topics related to communication.  It includes many fact sheets as well as videos from people with lived experience.

Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia is the national organisation for the speech pathology profession in Australia.  The website includes a range of resources for the public, including information on children's communication milestones and fact sheets.

Reframing Autism

Reframing Autism is reframing our understanding of Autism through providing education, resources and research that is strengthened by their lived experience as Autistics.

Affect Autism

Affect Autism provides information and resources in a range of formats (written, videos, podcasts) for parents about the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship-Based (DIR)/Floortime approach.  The website was developed by a parent of an autistic child.

Lives In The Balance

Lives in the Balance is the website for Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS), an approach developed by Dr Ross Greene (Clinical Psychologist; author of 'The Explosive Child', 'Raising Human Beings' and 'Lost At School').  CPS supports caregivers to focus on the causes of concerning behaviours by working with their child, rather than focusing on the behaviours and trying to change them

Key Word Sign

Key Word Sign (KWS) is a type of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) that may help children to express themselves, as well as better understand others.  When using KWS, the key words or most important concepts in the sentence are signed.  KWS can be used alongside other types of AAC such as communication books.